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Icon May 10, 2010 - 06:05
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Featured Video Michael in Action

Examples of Michael Pritchard in action.

Michael Pritchard has been featured on PBS, CNN, The Tonight Show, The Today Show and Charles Kuralt Sunday Morning for his work with kids.
The following is Michael in action at an elementary school and at an inner city high school - courtesy of Edutopia, George Lucas's Educational Foundation.

Exerpt from:

“Big Changes Big Choices” for middle schools

San Francisco Junior Giants Community - Violence Prevention Program with Michael Pritchard and pitcher Robb Nen made available by the generous donation of Bank of America.

San Francisco Jr. Giants "Speak out against violence" from Gatlin Photography on Vimeo.

Dear Michael - Letters from the heart

Who I am: I travel the country speaking to kids just like you who write me letters on how they have changed.

You are not alone and please join my blog or email me to keep in touch. INSERT LINK TO EMAIL AND BLOG


Dear Michael, from Gatlin Photography on Vimeo.

Michael speaks to Foster Care Youth on behalf of California Institute of Mental Health Foster Care Program for youth

Listen: from Gatlin Photography on Vimeo.