Big Changes Big Choices

Big Changes Big Choices

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“Big Changes Big Choices” for middle schools

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“Pritchard is a kind and funny man who wants to prevent the unaddressed grief of children from turning to anger, rage and violence as they grow older.” Wall Street Journal

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"No one turns kids around like Michael Pritchard!" CA superintendent

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Resources successfully used in over 50,000 K-12 schools!

Emmy nominated educational
series for youth!
"Invaluable addition to school-based curriculum"

by the Midwest Book Review.
Winners of 24 major national awards, including the Parent's Choice Gold Award.


Michael Pritchard - About Me

About Me

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Michael Pritchard is a nationally acclaimed keynote speaker praised by the Wall Street Journal, CNN and Time for his ability to use humor to inspire and educate his audiences on communication skills. Michael Pritchard is a big guy with a warm heart who as one student described him, “truly walks as he talks.”