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Icon July 26, 2012 - 22:36
New Series with Michael Pritchard - Stepping on Up

New Series - Stepping on Up

This new character education series provides teachers, librarians, and counselors with a lively and powerful catalyst for group discussion and an invaluable enhancement to any character education, life skills or anti-bullying curriculum. Hosted by Michael Pritchard, this research-based program instills the necessary social and emotional skills to successfully navigate the profound challenges and changes of the 'tween and teen years.
Each of the four videos includes 4 lessons presenting real-life problems in a warm-hearted skit performed by Michael Pritchard and his lovable puppet pals. Each lesson includes two video segments along with a leader's guide containing discussion-starters and activities to reinforce the lesson. For grades 3-6. (approx. 50 min. each)

Videos in the series:
Stepping Up to Bullying
Stepping Up to Cyber-Bullying & Web Safety
Stepping Up to Character (respect, choices, good judgment)
Stepping Up to Life Skills (anger management, conflict resolution, doing your best)

Videos are also sold separately.