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Watch video of Michael in schools and conference across America . . . !

Michael Pritchard is - America’s nationally acclaimed keynote speaker, wellness coach and youth guidance motivator. Traveling coast to coast, Michael Pritchard uses humor to educate his audiences on: life skills anti- bullying, improving communications, violence prevention, social emotional learning and instilling new dedication to both work and school.

"What really sets him apart is the humanity and authenticity of his material"....................Wall Street Journal

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Featured on CNN and in TIME magazine
Profiled on CBS Sunday Morning, NBC Today Show & the Tonight Show

“as somebody who is making a difference!”

  • Shared the stage with Robin Williams, Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfield
  • Host of 7 Emmy nominated PBS series for youth
  • Done voices for Star Wars and Sesame Street
  • Master of Ceremonies for Papal Visit
  • Praised by Parents Magazine and George Lucas Educational Foundation and many more!

    His broad-based audiences include corporate employees, healthcare workers, educators, students, government and state officials who have honored him with countless standing ovations and numerous awards.

    Michael Pritchard’s seven Emmy nominated educational series for PBS and distribution has been seen by millions and focuses on youth guidance.
    Support Michael Pritchard's work with youth! Please donate to his Heartland Media Foundation.
    During his professional comedy career he has shared the stage with Robin Williams, Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno and Whoppi Goldberg. He’s done voices for Star Wars and Sesame Street.

    Winner of the prestigious Beryl Buck Award for achievement in promoting non-violence