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At Schools and Conference

“Pritchard is a kind and funny man who wants to prevent the unaddressed grief of children from turning to anger, rage and violence as they grow older.” Wall Street Journal

At Your School...

"No one turns kids around like Michael Pritchard!" CA superintendent

How it works! Dr. Michael Pritchard addresses a student body and educates by giving students the tools and confidence needed to make a positive change for themselves and the school community.

Using his unique humorous style, he empowers his young audience to listen and influences them to make good choices. While in your community, Mr. Pritchard offers sessions for faculty, administration and parents as well as facilitating small break out sessions.

"Since your visit, children are treating each other with much more respect. And as staff members, your visit to our school renewed our commitment to children!" Principal - Oceanside, CA

See Michael In Action

"Hurt people , Hurt people...West Paducah, Columbine and Virginia Tech . . . Unaddressed pain turns to violence. We must begin to address the social emotional issues facing our youth" Michael Pritchard

At Your Conference...

Dr. Pritchard is a highly acclaimed keynote speaker at countless conventions and conferences nationwide. He offers an entertaining yet powerfully inspiring message to educate his adult audiences. His programs on wellness have been seen by thousands!

His audiences include business leaders, teachers, counselors, school administrators, health care workers, law enforcement groups, government employees and youth advocacy professionals. His use of humor and humanitarian observations always leaves his audience both enlightened and inspired.

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“Your conference set a new attendance record and our review tells us your keynote speech was a factor. Your presentation provided the messages that were the goals of this event.” Governor of Tennessee


TOPICS for Elementary, Middle and High School Students
Dealing with Bullies - Bridging Racial Divides - Taking Responsibility to Make the Right Choices - Raising your Parents - Cooperation - Cyber-Bullies - Balancing Social and Emotional Issues - Doing the Right Thing - Dealing with Disappointment - Being Friends - Resolving Conflicts - Acting on Your Values - Self-Esteem - Coping with Pressures - Drugs and Alcohol - Drinking and Driving - Friendship and Dating - Creating Safe Schools - Communicating with Parents - Respecting Yourself and Others - Handling Peer Pressure

"Day of Respect"

"Respect Building Program" uses social/emotional learning that builds caring and safe school communities. Using SEL (social/emotional learning) builds personal skills, character, resiliency and emotional intelligence enabling young people to cope within school communities and achieve their goals.
Helps students - set goals, identify obstacles, cope with anxiety, and maintain self-esteem. Student's learn how labeling, prejudice and stereotyping impede the development of empathy - how to recognize warning signs of those in trouble - how to find and use school and personal resources.

Red Ribbon Week - Drug & Safe Schools

Michael Pritchard's programs can in some cases be qualified for grants. Contact us.

Day of Respect: Michael Pritchard addresses your group using humor and powerful insights to convey the serious message: "Respect Builds Safe and Caring Communities".
Day of Respect: Interactive workshop sessions with students, peer leaders or faculty to facilitate training using Mr. Pritchard's videos.


At your conference...

Dr. Pritchard can speak on a variety of subjects based and weave them into your conference goals. His main focus is communication skills and inspiring renewed commitment.

“I” is illness - “We” is wellness” Michael Pritchard

The 8 steps to T.E.A.M.
Together,Everyone and Anyone Matters

T.E.A.M. - Collaboration, cooperation and connectivity are the building blocks of a thriving workforce and community. Dr. Michael Pritchard’s “The 8 Steps to T. E.A.M.” seen by thousands of professional health care, service industry, business leaders, school administrators and counselors provides the inspiration and motivation to build a cohesive work community.

“You created a wonderful “feel good” atmosphere…your humor and spirit inspired the audience and we raised “10,000 more dollars than last year!” Edward Shaffer - Food Bank of Contra Costa County